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Image forensics in the “real world”

The case: Syrian Soldier On 23rd January 2014 has appeared on various websites of international and Italian newspapers the news that the Associated Press (AP) had fired the photojournalist Narciso Contreras (Pulitzer Prize 2013) because one of his photos provided

Trustworthiness and Social Forensic

Nowadays, information are provided through diverse network channels and, above all, their diffusion occurs in an always faster and pervasive manner Social Networks (SN) plays a crucial role in distributing, in an uncontrolled way, news, opinions, media contents and so

Counter- Forensics

The question of trustworthiness of digital image forensic arises because most publications still lack rigorous discussions of robustness against counterfeiters. Forensic methods might benefit from research on countermeasures in a similar way as reasoning about attacks in multimedia security in

Acquisition Device Identification

Our group is involved in two aspects regarding the task of acquisition device identification: the first is to determine which specific camera or scanner (by recognizing model and brand) acquired that certain content, while the second is to understand which

Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization

In the picture, taken, Sept. 29, 2013, a Syrian opposition fighter takes cover during an exchange of fire with government forces in Telata village. In many application scenarios digital images play a basic role and often it is important to

Splicing Forgeries Localization

One of the main multimedia forensics topic is image tampering detection, that is assessing the authenticity of a digital image. Information integrity is fundamental in a trial, but it is clear that the advent of digital pictures and relative ease


  Maggio 2014-April 2016, ON-GOING The SMARTVINO project aims to study and develop a technological application to increase the value of wine, by exploiting its connection with landscape, culture and history of the Tuscany Region. The application will be able

WIFS’14 IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security

WIFS’14  IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security @GlobalSIP Our work on “Splicing forgeries localization through the use of First Digit Features ”will be presented by Irene Amerini to WIFS’14  IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security Atlanta, Georgia, USA,

SMartART: The Creative Shift Forum – Brussels 29/30 September 2014

@diversity: a high-level policy Forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology and Finance in the Cultural and Creative Sectors Get involved and use this unique chance to discuss directly with high-level EC representatives about existing challenges for cultural entrepreneurs in Europe and develop

SMartART a “Cannes Creative Investment Forum”

Investment forum for startups from the cultural and creative sectors The Cannes Creative Investment Forum brings together startups from the cultural and creative industries and business angels from the Cannes region as well as cross-border investors from Europe. This pitching

SMartART a TechnologyForAll Forum

SMartART speech al Forum  TechnologyForAll il Forum dell’Innovazione dedicato alle Tecnologie per il Territorio, per la Città Intelligente, per i Beni Culturali. Roma, 4/5 Giugno  2014 Centro Congressi Frentani Via dei Frentani 4 Roma  Le tre Conferenze sono articolate in sessioni


  May 2014-April 2015, ON-GOING The project aims at designing and developing a system to archive and manage images concerning pediatric burns for the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence. Such a system has to grant a support to diagnosis also

ICASSP 2014 Florence

Our work on “Exploting perceptual quality issues in countering SIFT-based forensic methods” in collaboration with University of Siena and Università degli Studi Roma Tre will be presented to the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


Il 1 Aprile 2014 è stato presentato presso la sede della Giunta regionale di Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati  il progetto SMARTVINO. Sono undici i progetti ammessi al finanziamento da 1 milione e 340mila euro previsto dal bando Agrifood della Regione Toscana

SMartART at: Museums Heritage Show Exhibiting London 14 -15 May 2014

SMartArt will be at Museums Heritage Show Exhibiting London 14 -15 May Stand K11 14 + 15 MAY 2014 WEST HALL, OLYMPIA, LONDON See the online exhibitor list and the business profile in the large suppliers directory @SMartART @MandHShow Museums

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SMartART demo a Museums and the Web Florence (MWF2014) 19-21 February 2014 Sala D’Arme at the Wednesday 19 February 2014 #SMartART 19february FlorenceMWF2014 @museweb #museweb #atdiversity #Followamuseum @atdiversity @LCIMICC #comunefi — paolo mazzanti (@enrosadira) 1 Febbraio 2014   #SMartART,

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GTTI Thematic Meeting on Multimedia Signal Processing 2014

LCIMICC al meeting GTTI on Multimedia Signal Processing 2014 Fourth Edition Forni di Sopra (UD), February, 16-18, 2014. Presenteremo un nostro lavoro su Image forensics e la descrizione di un caso d’uso di attualità.

Aula 40 il CNR va in onda

Irene Amerini partecipa alla puntata del 6 Febbraio 2014 di AULA40 su “Visione artificiale e analisi della immagini: cosa sono in grado di vedere e comprendere i computer e i telefonini di oggi”

AAFS 66th Annual Scientific Meeting — Seattle, WA 2014

AAFS 66th Annual Scientific Meeting — Seattle, WA 2014 LCI MICC will be at the America Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle 17-22 February 2014 and will be presented our work on “Forgery Detection from Printed Images:a tool in crime scene

SPIE Electronic Imaging, Media Watermarking, Security, and Forensics 2014

  SPIE Electronic Imaging, Media Watermarking, Security, and Forensics 2014 LCI MICC will be at the international conference SPIE Electronic Imaging San Francisco, California, USA 2 – 6 February 2014 and will be presented our work on “Copy-Move Forgery Detection

LCI-MICC e Image Forensics su quotidiani e reti nazionali

attività di ricerca nell’ambito della sicurezza multimediale ricerche su Image Forensics riconosciute su alcuni quotidiani nazionali.
LCI MICC analizza la foto del reporter Narciso Contreras

International Conference on Computer and Information Engineering (ICCIE 2014)

2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Engineering (ICCIE 2014 ) will be held from October 24-25, 2014, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The main objective of ICCIE 2014 is to provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from

“Smarter Applications for Cities of the Future” 17 gennaio 2014

“Smarter Applications for Cities of the Future” giorno 17 Gennaio 2014 alle ore 15.00 presso la Sala delle Vetrate, Piazza Madonna della Neve 6, Le Murate Firenze Evento organizzato da MICC Centro di Eccellenza MIUR per la Comunicazione e Integrazione

Meeting “Secure!”

Metting Progetto “Secure!” giovedì 12 dicembre 2013 dalle ore 11,30 alle ore 17,00 Micc Media Integration and Communication Center Università degli Studi di  Firenze Viale Morgagni, 65  50134 Firenze Tel. 055 2751391 Come raggiungerci: Con i mezzi pubblici dalla stazione


SMartART vince la competizione europea @diversity , informazioni del museo e apprendimento da una immagine