Start: Oct 2013 / End: December 2014
SMartART is an idea based on ICT, winner of “Make Culture” category @diversity European Competition, and it has been presented by Paolo Mazzanti and Roberto Caldelli at the European Culture Forum 2013 in Brussels. An ensemble of 263 ideas were submitted to the Competition, a jury of international experts chose 12 winning ideas that could potentially shape the future of the cultural and creative sectors. SMartART promotes culture, emotional involvement, user engagement and informal learning in museums using marked “smart” icons to retrieve additional information directly from an image with the advantage not to use any type of QRCode. The museum visitors can frame by means of his/her own smartphone the “smart” icons and through the SMartART app access to additional multimedia contents. Furthermore, s/he will get a personalized storyboard of his/her visit, represented by the acquired images and by the linked items, and, after, s/he can manage and share a storytelling as s/he likes.

SMartART is part of the research activities and projects of NEMECH- New Media for Cultural Heritage Competence Center – Florence

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