January 2017- December 2017
ESPRESS – IdEntificazione di SmartPhone tRamite sEnSori a bordo per applicazioni di Sicurezza Smartphone identification based on on-board sensors for security applications - The main project’s aim is to study and develop a methodology to identify mobile devices through the analysis and combination of signals coming from the various on-board sensors, aiming to extract a smartphone fingerprint which is univocal and distinctive of one specific device. (Fondaz. Cassa di Risparmio)




    layout_set_logo-300x115January 2013-March 2015, ON-GOING
    has been funded by Tuscany Region under the Programme POR-CReO 2007-2013 Linea d’intervento 1.5a-1.6 Bando Unico R&S Year 2012. The project aims at studying how models, technologies and instruments, based on crowd-sourcing, can be applied to the prevention (when possible) and management (before, during and after) of events and emergency situations related to the public security.


      AIRBURST-LOGO-thumbMay 2014-April 2015, ON-GOING
      The project aims at designing and developing a system to archive and manage images concerning pediatric burns for the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence. Such a system has to grant a support to diagnosis also by providing the access to multimedia resources to authorized remote consultants.


        thumb-smartvinoMaggio2014-April 2016, ON-GOING
        The basic idea of SMARTVINO is to develop a simple application for wine consumers, to let them access a number of detailed information concerning the wine they are enjoying or buying. The consumer has only to catch a photo of the winemaker’s logo on the wine (smart-)label, through his own smartphone, to be linked to a number of customized contents. The Agricultural Holding Montevertine is the partner of the project devoted to the contents analysis and definition for the app.


          smartar_thumbOct 2013  /  December 2014
          is an idea winner of @diversity European Competition,  presented at the European Culture Forum 2013 in Brussels. A jury of international experts chose 12 winning ideas that could potentially shape the future of the cultural and creative sectors. SMartART promotes culture, emotional involvement and informal learning in museums using marked icons to retrieve additional information directly from an image without using any type of QRCode.


            smartlogothumbMarch 2012 / April 2013  CLOSED
            The smartLOGO system is born from the idea to easily retrieve additional information directly from a logo’s image without the need to attach any type of barcode to the original logo image, keeping it unchanged and maintaining its brand awareness. The creation of a smartLOGO is made by using the software logoMaker for the embedding of additional content in the image of the logo without altering its original known appearance. Additional contents are accessed by using the software logoReader, embedded within smartLOGO app available for smartphones (Android, iOS).


              CUSTOM-THUMBJanuary 2010-December 2011, CLOSED
              The acronym CUSTOM means Cultural Heritage & Tourism Store for the Management of application services. The project aims at studying and developing a platform of applied services to promote Cultural Heritage and Tourism added value services which are made available as basic building blocks according to the SaaS (Software as a Service ) paradigm.


                THUMBDantheJanuary 2009-April 2014, CLOSED
                DanThe -
                Digital and Tuscan heritage - is a regional website, designed and developed by ICL , that collects and organizes information of digital collections regarding Cultural Heritage, produced by many cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives). The project is promoted by the Tuscany Region and it is related to other national and international projects working on cultural heritage (Michael Project, Project Minerva, CulturItalia).


                  3dcoform-thumb December 2008-November 2012, CLOSED
                  The 3D-Coform project has been funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013). The project aims at addressing all aspects of 3D-capture, 3D-processing, the semantics of shape, material properties, metadata and provenance, integration with other sources (textual and other media); search, research and dissemination to the public and professional alike.