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FORimage app

  FORimage is an innovative system to determine the authenticity of an image or a video discovering the possible manipulations and allowing the sharing of the obtained results through different end-users. The FORimage system through a mobile application takes as

Image forensics in the “real world”

The case: Syrian Soldier On 23rd January 2014 has appeared on various websites of international and Italian newspapers the news that the Associated Press (AP) had fired the photojournalist Narciso Contreras (Pulitzer Prize 2013) because one of his photos provided

Trustworthiness and Social Forensic

Nowadays, information are provided through diverse network channels and, above all, their diffusion occurs in an always faster and pervasive manner Social Networks (SN) plays a crucial role in distributing, in an uncontrolled way, news, opinions, media contents and so

Counter- Forensics

The question of trustworthiness of digital image forensic arises because most publications still lack rigorous discussions of robustness against counterfeiters. Forensic methods might benefit from research on countermeasures in a similar way as reasoning about attacks in multimedia security in

Acquisition Device Identification

Our group is involved in two aspects regarding the task of acquisition device identification: the first is to determine which specific camera or scanner (by recognizing model and brand) acquired that certain content, while the second is to understand which

Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization

In the picture, taken, Sept. 29, 2013, a Syrian opposition fighter takes cover during an exchange of fire with government forces in Telata village. In many application scenarios digital images play a basic role and often it is important to

Splicing Forgeries Localization

One of the main multimedia forensics topic is image tampering detection, that is assessing the authenticity of a digital image. Information integrity is fundamental in a trial, but it is clear that the advent of digital pictures and relative ease