FORimage app


forimageFORimage is an innovative system to determine the authenticity of an image or a video discovering the possible manipulations and allowing the sharing of the obtained results through different end-users. The FORimage system through a mobile application takes as input a digital image from file system or an analog image acquired by the smartphone camera and sends the request of authenticity verification to a web service where the image is processed. The output of the computation will be an assessment about the originality (yes it is manipulate/no it is original) and about the origin of the image (i.e. the image is acquired by a Nikon D40). The “core” application is based on the algorithms resulting from the Image Forensics research activities of the ICL Lab. Different Image Forensics algorithms will be inserted in the FORimage system building a comprehensive framework for media verification composed by an array of tools to determine different kinds of forgeries (photomontages, duplicate regions, object removal) and to identify the kind of digital camera that acquired the image under evaluation.
The novelty of FORimage system consists in deploying a large-scale, real-world media verification service in an open environment like Internet with specific attention on image or video shared in social network like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

FORimage App from ICL – Image Communication Lab. on Vimeo.

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