5th FTRA International Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security (WPS-12)

Roberto Caldelli – LCI MICC –  promotes:

The 5th FTRA International Workshop on Web and Pervasive Security(WPS-12) will be held in Jeju, Korea on Nov. 22-25, 2012.

Web and Pervasive Environments (WPE) are emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm including ubiquitous, web, grid, ubiquitous and peer-to-peer computing to provide computing and communication services any time and any where. In order to realize their advantages, it requires the security services and Applications to be suitable for WPE. If they are realized, a user will be able to remotely access and control all information and web appliances in the workplace as well as at home and office, easily and conveniently use various services to enable working at home, remote education, remote diagnosis, virtual shopping, network gaming, and high quality VOD with no limitations on space and time.